We are looking for additional volunteers to join our Leader team. Responsibilities include organising games, attending fun events, encouraging children to reach their potential, imparting knowledge, etc.
Full support and training given. Please note references and DBS check required.

If you are aged 18 or over and you think you’ve got what it takes, why not send us a message using the contact us page.

Explorer Takeover

This week saw a take over by some local Explorer Scout Leaders. Carl and Adam joined us in the hut to introduce themselves and show the Scouts that the fun and adventure continues long after they leave us. The Scouts had a great time and give a big shout of thanks out to our new friends.

Bag Packing

Members of the 6th Farnborough spent a few hours on a Saturday helping shoppers at Sainsbury’s in Farnborough pack their bags to raise money for the Group. A big thanks goes out to all that took part and the shoppers who donated so generously. Their efforts managed a grand total of £358.00.

Well done everyone.

Scouts Poster contest

See the Scouts posters

The Scouts have all had a go at designing a poster for Scouts. The Poster could be hand drawn or made on a computer. The only rules were that it needed to promote Scouting and have our name on it. All of the posters will be put on our website for a couple of weeks and we are inviting votes on which one is the best. Please leave a comment stating which one you think should be the winner. The winning Poster will be left on the website and its creator will have their name added to the Scouts very own infamous Bog-Seat trophy.

Swimming Gala 2014

A big well done to all our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who took part in the recent District Swimming Gala. They all did incredibly well and put in some fantastic efforts. Also a big well done to those members that managed to finish in the top three places of their races.

You never know I might even take part in the leader race next year :)

Cubs enjoy a Night Hike

Last night the Cubs went on a Night Hike they all did really well and completed the route without in high spirits. They completed challenges on route too.

The Cubs used the activity to complete their Map readers badge, carrying out a couple of map reading tests whilst on an outdoor activity

Well done Cubs

It’s also good to see that reflective Hi-Vis clothes really work. :)

Remembrance 2014

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from 6th Farnborough Scout Group joined others in the district to mark Remembrance day at the Aldershot garison Church this past Sunday. The day was filmed by Songs of Praise and broadcast later that day. Did you watch it and did you see any of our members

Our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were lucky enough to get a photo with Bill Turnbull

BBC Songs of Praise

The Scouts Summer Expedition

Well with summer here the Scouts set off on their Expedition.

They set off from Farnborough main at 9:30 on Friday and took the train to London Waterloo where they walked to Trafalgar Square, here they found their first statues and London’s smallest police station

then it was on to Buckingham Palace where they ate their lunch and watched the changing of the Guard.

After this is was a nice walk through regents Park to Parliament Square before walking up Whitehall to see if the current Prime Minister was in.

Now was the time for the surprise. The Scouts were told to get their Shirts on and make sure that their Scarves were on straight as it had been arranged for them to go past the iron gates and armed police officer to go up to the door of No 10 Downing street.

Time now to set off for the Camp site now so after a short train ride to Chingford it was a 45 minute hike to Gilwell Park and they all made it. A little tired and a little dirty but they were all there. Time for a rest and booking in then the tents needed putting up. Tomorrow would be a day of activities and exploring the campsite, setting a campfire and keeping it going, cooking dinners and even sleeping out under the stars. Memories to keep for ever.

AGM and presentation night

July saw 6th Farnborough’s AGM and Family fun night take place. The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were joined by thier parents, members of the committee and our DC Becky Riley.

We had the awarding of the Fiona Allgood Endevour award for the Beaver, Cub and Scout that had given a real effort this year. :D

We also saw Tim our Assistant Scout Leader awarded with his Wood Badge :)

:cry: The Group is very sad to be saying ‘goodbye’ to Jo and Bob Jones as they step down from their leader roles in the Cub pack. Although, having said that, as they have both agreed to stay on as Occasional Helpers perhaps we should just be saying ‘au revoir’!
Bob was first to join the movement back in December 1989 as an Asst. Cub Scout Leader with a group in Sandhurst. Jo’s Scouting career began in January 1990 when Bob volunteered her to take over the Sandhurst’s group Beaver section which she ran until 1992. In August 1993 Bob transferred to 4th Camberley; Jo eventually joined him there as Cub Scout Leader in 1996, having spent a few years as Asst. Beaver Scout Leader at another group. In August 2002 they both joined 6th Farnborough where they were warmly welcomed as without them the Cub Pack would have closed.
“Thank you” Jo and Bob for everything you have done over the years and the difference you have made to so many lives.

:cry: We also said a sad farewell to Sheila Brown who is stepping down as our Group Scout leader. Sheila first became involved as a parent in 1992 when her eldest son joined Beavers. As soon as her work commitments permitted she joined the Group Exec and was in charge of the cleaning rota, which at that stage comprised several mums all willing to get their hands dirty.

Later Sheila became a Parent Helper when her eldest was at Cubs as the pack only had a CSL (Margaret Ide); both ACSLs had left (Mike Hughes to District and Heather Friend to Gilwell) and not been replaced.

In 1999 the CSL decided to retire and rather than allow the Pack to close the ABSL (Fiona Allgood) and Sheila became CSL and ACSL respectively. Sheila was appointed in May 1999 and gained her Wood Badge in June 2001. Fiona sadly passed away in Feb 2001 which left Sheila in charge of the Pack.

Eventually Sheila told the GSL (Andy Paterson) that unless a CSL was found she would be leaving, which is where Jo and Bob came in.

In Sept 2002 Sheila transferred to District to set up the District Young Leader’s Unit and became an Explorer Scout Leader but the call of 6th Farnborough was too strong and in Sept 2003 she returned to the Group as Asst GSL to help out Andy who was unwell. At this time Sheila also started helping out at Scouts as ASL.

In 2009, after Andy retired Sheila was ‘promoted’ to GSL and in 2012 started helping out in Beavers when the BSL retired.

I think that it is fair to say that without the continued help and leadership of Sheila over the years 6th Farnborough Scout Group would not be were it is now.

It is because of people like Sheila, Jo and Bob that Scout groups can operate. I think that I can safely say on behalf of all the members of the group: Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Mums and Dads, both past and present…

Thank you for everything you have done for us, the things we know about and the many, many more that we don’t.

I asked the parents and young people if they could share a few words for the website and this is what they said.

“Can you thank Jo, Bob and Sheila fir all thier hard work they have put into Cubs. My son has thrieved so much since starting with them and his confidence has grown so much. He still loves cubs and am sure he will miss them very much”

“Thank you for your help you really made s difference”

“Thanks for making us feel welcome”

Afterwards the Beavers Cubs and Scouts all enjoyed activities from decorating biscuits to making their own paracord bracelets.

So thank you to everyone who has been part of the last year and here’s to the next one.